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Monki is "a wild and crazy international retail concept owned by the H&M Group, that believes that it needs to fight ordinary and boost imagination with an experience out of the ordinary". The brand sells fashion for young women in stores in 13 markets and is available online in 18 markets at

Anonymous customer shared some thoughts about his/her frustrating experience with Monki and it´s delivery service in a review posted for REVIEWS: "First time ordering from Monki & my parcel was lost. Customer service didn’t respond to my emails & phone calls to customer service are charged. Waited 15 mins when calling them for someone to answer. My parcel was eventually returned by the person it had accidentally been delivered to but if they hadn’t taken it upon themselves to do that I dread to think how long I would be waiting for them to ‘investigate’ the disappearance before being refunded. Clothes are lovely but honestly not worth the risk if something goes wrong- their complaints & refunds procedures are terrible. Avoid online orders from them!!"


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Peter says

"Horrible customer service. Monki seems designed to take advantage of teenage buyers. We ordered several items and Monki made a mistake in not sending a pair of jeans and instead sending overalls that were not ordered. The company has refused to refund the payment despite months of effort, including returning the overall and not getting the original item. HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE. Can\'t recommend strongly enough that you NEVER use Monki. "

Susie says

"If there is less than one star, that's what I would be using. Poor service, The order was shipped to a location that no longer takes Courier deliveries but Monkiclaimed not to be aware. Waste of time, gifts did not arrive, customer service is not what I would deem to be helpful - the 15% discount is to blind side customers given that they won't receive a refund in timely fashion., Disappointed for my niece but never again"

rina lb says

"Monki Wool blend coat was made from very bad quality of fabric. This wool fabric like sieve. Is not suitable for any weather condition. I was wearing this coat just four times and the fabric has already covered with pellets . Not recommend buying them."

lct says

"I have always been a loyal customer of Monki. I enjoy their products and decided to try out their online store for the first time.

When I received my order, 1 item was missing and my cardigan was visibly soiled, with grey marks all over it. I reported this to Monki to which they kindly emailed me a compensation voucher for the inconvenience caused (15% off and free shipping).

When I placed my second order, the voucher did not work for some reason. I then had to email them, and they said they would do this manually. However, they would only do this once I get my shipping notification.

I received my shipping notification, and emailed them once again. My compensation voucher was now processing. I check the amount, and they haven't even applied this voucher to the correct order! Instead, it was applied to my first order which doesn't make sense if they asked me to notify them once shipping was alerted to me. Therefore, the incorrect amount had been refunded to me.

This has caused me a lot of frustration and stress, as well as time and energy put into my emails, only to then be responded by templates that didn't even highlight my concerns.

Very disappointed from a customer's point of view, especially from someone who enjoys their products. I will not be using their online store again as it has been an awfully tiring and troublesome shopping experience."

Vincent Lam says

"EN: Very bad experience!! My girlfriend ordered here for the first time and also the last time! First they send the wrong item, then I also have to deal with a terrible customer service that is not friendly at all or trying their best to make it right. The item she eventually wanted to order is now no longer available because MONKI made a mistake themselves. We do not get any compensation here (what most large web shops do!). I called the customer service for her because she doesn't speak English very well (We live in The Netherlands), but at first they didn't even want to speak to me unless the 'account-holder' speaks!! After a very bad customer service experience I finally asked if I could speak to a supervisor / manager about this. They said they would put me through but after 5 minutes on hold they just hung up !!!

NL: Zeer slechte ervaring!! Mijn vriendin heeft hier voor het eerst besteld en ook meteen de laatste keer! Eerst versturen ze een verkeerde item, daarna krijg ik ook te maken met een verschrikkelijk slechte customer service die totaal niet vriendelijk is of hun best doen om het goed te maken. De item die ze uiteindelijk wilde bestellen is nu niet meer beschikbaar doordat MONKI zelf een fout heeft gemaakt. We krijgen hier totaal geen compensatie voor wat de meeste grote webshops wèl doen. Ik heb de customer service gebelt voor haar omdat ze niet zo goed engels spreekt maar eerst wilde ze me niet eens te woord staan tenzij de 'account-holder' spreekt!! Na een zeer slechte customer service ervaring vroeg ik uiteindelijk of ik een supervisor/manager kon spreken hierover. Ze zeiden dat ze me zou doorverbinden maar na 5 minuten aan de wacht hingen ze gewoon op!!!"

Busi Buchan says

"I bought an item on the 6th which they were unable to fulfil.
Almost two weeks later - my money is still not in my account and they’re telling me to call their payment gateway, Klarna - who i did not make the purchase through. I am livid and will be calling the Ombudsman tomorrow if my money’s not in my account. Disgusting customer service.

They promised to send me a form to complete and not sent it so I had to ring them again to ask them to send me the form I need to complete to get my money back from a company i have nothing to do with. LIVID. I’ll never buy from this company again. They don’t deserve my money."

Lena Arndt says

"Nice clothes, really love them. But I tried to order an item and I literally got a completely different item three times in a row. It was not even close to what I ordered. Not nice, also not good for the environment."

Mathilde says

"Very poor service.

After i returned the items i ordered, I only got half of the money back (still need to get 80 euros back). I tried to call customer service, however after 45 minutes the call got disconnected.
I sent an email to customer service and never got a reply. I have just sent this email again. I went to the store, and they told me they cannot do anything for me because the store has nothing to do with the customer service if you order items online.
I am very disapointed and still hope to get my money back."

Charles Francisco says

"VERY poor performance as a company. I get it, facemask demand is through the roof. But 5 weeks and counting? Ordered 3 masks mid May. Received shipment confirmation May 24th with a shipping number that would not work with DHL. Emailed a request for update. Got a reply saying demand was heavy and it might take an additional week or two to receive my order. Crickets no. If charges come through on my card and I have no masks, I'll, ask the bank to pursue. NOT RECOMMENEDED!"

Consumer says

"So on May 11, I ordered 3 masks. They were never shipped but monki kept insisting the were. Finally on June 8 they realized they were not shipped. So they shipped another order. I received a new tracking number. The order left New York City heading for Philadelphia, a distance of 90 miles. I received a notice today, 9 days later and found that they moved a distance of 20 miles. Wow only 70 more miles to go. At 2 miles per day I should receive them by the end of July.
monki have you ever heard the term “traffic Manager”? Look it up and hire one. It will save you a lot of reviews like this one."

Don Sanderson says

"Absolutely p!55 poor!!! It's been six weeks since I placed an order for three masks. They of course got my money the same day but never shipped the product. SCAM SVAM SCAM! Don't waste your time or money"

Consumer says

"It took exactly one month of constant writing to customer service before they shipped a replacement. Their own tracking number showed that DHL never picked up the package yet without trying to track themselves insisted the package was on the way."

customer Alfredo Rodriguez says

"It has been 5 weeks since I ordered masks from them. No reply from then except a generic letter saying sorry its on its way.
I with never order from Facebook again. They posted the ad for them."

Elise says

"I returned my order like 2 months ago and I’m still waiting for my money !!!
I’ve sent emails but so far no answer back."

Anna Craig says

"I've ordered 5 times from monki, and each time something I've ordered doesn't come because it turns out it was out of stock. Absolutely HATE that they oversell their products."

Megan S says

"I ordered some underwear from Monki and they had a three for two on pants. I therefore got three bras and three matching pants. Two of the pants came and the third didn't. There was no explanation, I have contacted the customer service a few times but no response. I really loved the quality of the underwear but would not order from again as who knows if your full order will be sent. It wasn’t out of stock either as they were still selling them on the website when I went to check.
Terrible customer service, I understand we are in a pandemic so expect the reply time to be slow but we are getting close to two months now. Would not buy from again."

İzel Bilgi says

"First time after years of online shopping at Monki, I received no email order verification of any sort to track or even confirm that my order took place, but my bank account was charged. After contacting customer service, I was told that the "system somehow didn't want to cooperate" which is very a frustrating thing to hear and that I have to deal with this on my own by contacting the 3rd party bank or something. Is it that your customer service workers are this incompetent or just so lazy?
The 3rd party paid my money back after a few weeks (Monki had told me it would happen automatically in 24 hours, hopefully). However, the time and effort I spent for a "cancelled" order is just unbelievable and a 15% discount will not make me live through this again.
Monki is too paltry to justify the effort (which I happened to like but now I realise serious and sincere companies deserve more attention)"

Ayelet says

"Very inattentive customer service. they expect you to deal with it yourself. technical problem? they don't care, you do what you wanna do, just don't bother us here, at monki's customer service."

Zoe Swift says

"The shirts I got were lovely, well made etc. However, the skirt and shorts I ordered were EU sizes 36 and 34 respectively. The size 34 looked like it was for somebody twice my size, and the 36 wouldn't fit around my waist (despite being a UK size 6 to 8).

Sizing is awful."

Maria V says

"I'm not fond of H&M as a company but do turn to them when I cannot afford to purchase from sustainable brands. Monki has been surprisingly OK in terms of delivery, quality, and refunds. Two weeks ago, I got myself a puffer coat, a pair of jeans, a bag, and a dress. The delivery was crazy fast (NL=>CZ). The coat was too big, so I then ordered a new one on Friday before Christmas, and the parcel arrived on Tuesday, 22. The return & refund process took mere days.

Poor experience: I had a pair of corduroy trousers from them; it didn't last (the thighs were completely worn off after a couple of months). Perhaps I just needed to size up for a loose fit. We'll never know.
I also hate how much polyester they use and how H&M treats their workers/suppliers."

Caitlin Crook says

"I purchased twice before and was very happy with both orders. However I made another purchase of 6 items one was the wrong item I had to return 4. I’ve been trying to contact them about my refund for over a week with minimal contact from them, I them receive a refund with £13.01 missing! Still waiting for any real help. They are saying it could take up to 1.5 months! Very very disappointed. I do like the other items and want to keep purchasing from them but I am extremely disappointed with this experience!"

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